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Free Helmet with the purchase of an IronE Electric Powered Balance Bike

Where can I find one?  

Currently in stock at Hale's Harley-Davidson!

What are the different ride modes?  

LOW (RED) MODE—In this mode, riders can start on a speed similar to what they can push their bike at in the nonpowered mode.

MEDIUM (YELLOW) MODE—In this mode, riders have now shown they have control of the bike and have increased their skill to ride at a faster speed.

HIGH (GREEN) MODE—This mode is for advanced riders who have already been riding and have great stability on two wheels.

How long does the battery last?

Our IRONe12™ and IRONe16™ models run for 30-60 minutes after a full charge.

How long does it take to charge?

Our IRONe12™ model takes 30-60 minutes to charge, and the IRONe16™ takes 45-60 minutes.

Will my battery tool battery connect to the bike?

No, but you can purchase an additional battery to extend your ride time at your local dealership.

Are there accessories?

Yes! Helmets, gloves, graphic kits & extra batteries are available at Hale's Harley Davidson!