Is your Harley-Davidson Winter Ready?

Here are a few tips to get your bike ready for storage.

Change your Oil

You don't want that cuddy oil sitting inside your bike all winter.  So before you stick your bike in storage for the winter give it a fresh new oil change, even if it isn't due yet.  That will ensure that you have clean, high-quality oil in your machine for when the thaw comes and you can get back out on the road.

Stabilize the Fuel

When the better weather rolls around you want your bike to be able to roar right away. Fuel breaks down over time.  Time is especially true if you have a low-quality fuel with a major percentage of ethanol in your tank.  You want to make sure to add the ethanol treatment and then fill your gas tank to keep the gas from breaking down while your bike is taking a break.

Fill your Gas Tank

After adding some ethanol treatment, it's time to fill up the tank.  Why?  Tanks have the possibility of rusting when not in use & the fuel stabilizer you've already added will prevent gas from turning gummy over the winter.  The full tank will also keep moisture from building on the tank wall and the added stabilizer will run through the fuel system on the ride home from the station.

Battery Tender

Hook up a simple battery tender when you store your bike to avoid self-discharge.  Batteries have the tendency to lose charge when sitting over time, especially when hooked up to your Harley-Davidson.  Using a battery tender will save you from having to disconnect your battery from the bike during storage.

Motorcycle Cover

A good cover will protect your motorcycle from the elements, keep it cleaner, preventing the paintwork from fading, reducing the chance of rust and stopping dirt from causing increased wear & tear on the bike's moving parts.  Even in the garage, a cover will help keep the bike in pristine condition.

Detail Cleaner

After you have dealt with all the fluids and a season full of riding there might be some grime on your bike.  You don't want to let it sit all winter and have all that stuff cement itself to your paint or chrome.  Make sure to give your bike a wash with warm, soapy water then dry it off with a soft microfiber towel.  Stop into Hale's Harley-Davidson to see our selection of surface care products to keep your Harley-Davidson in tip top shape.