Harley Unleashes New 131 Cubic-Inch Milwaukee Eight Crate Engine

It’s the biggest, most powerful street-compliant performance engine Harley-Davidson has ever created. Harley-Davidson offers power-hungry street riders a new performance option with the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee-Eight® 131 Crate Engine for Touring model motorcycles. The new 131 cubic inch (2147cc) V-Twin delivers the biggest, most powerful street-compliant engine Harley-Davidson has ever created*. The Screamin’ Eagle 131 is a bolt-in replacement for 2017-later model Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles originally equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight Oil-Cooled or Twin-Cooled™ engine, designed to run at high RPM and provide a significant boost of torque from cruising speed. Riders of many late-model Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles will experience commanding performance from the moment the throttle is cracked open on the Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine, performance backed by the assurance of a factory limited warranty. “Our adrenaline-seeking riders asked for thrilling power and torque with reliability,” said Harley-Davidson Product Manager James Crean. “The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine delivers exactly that. Developed by the Screamin’ Eagle performance team and factory-assembled at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations to ensure the highest quality standards, this high-performance engine is genuine Harley-Davidson.” This street-ready performance engine features H-D’s finest Screamin’ Eagle components. The Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine combines the 4.5-inch stroke of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with new 4.31-inch bore cylinders with a patented design. Milwaukee-Eight Extreme Ported four-valve cylinder heads are CNC-ported and fitted with 1mm larger-diameter valves to optimize air/fuel flow and velocity and feature fully machined combustion chambers shaped to optimize combustion efficiency. The engine is completed with a high-lift SE8-517 camshaft and high-performance cam bearing, high-compression (10.7:1) forged pistons, a 64mm throttle body and intake manifold, and high-flow (5.5-grams per second) fuel injectors. It’s a combination that produces 131 ft-lb of torque and 121 horsepower at the rear wheel when paired with Screamin' Eagle® Street Cannon mufflers. Each Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine is detailed with 131 Stage IV badging on the cylinder heads and timer cover. The engine is available in a choice of two finish treatments to match original motorcycle styling or a custom direction – Black and Chrome or Black and Gloss Black. There are also versions of the engine to fit motorcycles originally equipped with an oil-cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine and those equipped with the Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight engine. The Screamin’ Eagle 131 engine is eligible for Custom Coverage under the motorcycle’s factory 24-month vehicle limited warranty when dealer-installed by an authorized H-D Dealer within 60 days of vehicle purchase, and is otherwise backed by a 12-month limited warranty. The Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131 Crate Engine fits 2017-later model Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles originally equipped with either a Milwaukee-Eight Oil-Cooled or Twin-Cooled engine. It does not fit Trike models. Installation may require the separate purchase of additional components, depending on motorcycle model. All models require additional purchase of ECM recalibration with Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation. Complete fitment information can be found on **The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Performance Crate Engine complies with noise and emissions standards in all U.S. states other than California on 2017-later Touring Models. Replacement engines must be re-fitted with emission control devices and systems appropriate for the vehicle model and model year in order to ensure emissions compliance. Legal for use on public roads only when installed in the specified models. Street-compliant statements may not apply to markets outside the United States. Not eligible for limited warranty when installed in models other than the ones specified.  Please see the Parts and Accessories warranty statement and Hale's Harley-Davidson for more information.

The Screamin' Eagle® 131 Street Performance Crate Motor includes: 

  • Screamin’ Eagle® patent-protected 4.310” Big Bore Cylinders
  • Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee-Eight® Extreme CNC-ported cylinder heads with CNC-machined chambers and 1mm larger valves
  • Screamin’ Eagle® SE8-517 high-lift cam
  • Screamin’ Eagle® 10.7:1 High-compression forged pistons
  • Screamin’ Eagle® High-performance cam bearing
  • Screamin’ Eagle® High-performance tappets
  • Screamin’ Eagle® 64MM Throttle body and cast manifold
  • Screamin’ Eagle® 5.5 g/sec fuel injectors

The Screamin' Eagle® 131 Street Performance Crate Motor is easy to install with all-new engine features bolt-in installation. With as little as a thirty-day lead time, you can have your engine straight off the factory floor and installed on your bike in time for riding season.  And there are plenty of additional upgrades to consider.  Screamin’ Eagle® has hundreds of performance accessories ready to take your ride to the next level. From Screamin’ Eagle® Extreme Air Cleaners to High-Flow Exhaust Systems, and everything in between, our team has you covered.  In addition to the Screamin’ Eagle® 131 Crate engine, Screamin’ Eagle® also offers 128/131 Stage IV performance kits for those riders looking to keep their stock crankcase. These high-performance kits slip into your factory crankcase without machining or removing the engine from the chassis. Screamin’ Eagle® offers a full line-up of performance products to fit your riding style.